SMPTE(Society of Motion Pictures and TV Engineers)전미영화텔레비전기술인협회 현황


☐ 기술 위원회 운영(


1. Standards Committee (ST13) : 표준 위원회


2. Technology Committees : 기술 분과 위원회(14개)

○ Film Audio Technology (A12)

○ Television Audio Technology (A29)

○ Television Compression Technology (C24)

○ Data Essence Technology (D27)

○ Digital Cinema (DC28)

○ Film Technology (F2)

○ Television Image Technology (I23)

○ Motion-Picture Laboratory Services Technology (L6)

○ Television File Management and Network Technology (N26)

○ Theatrical Projection Technology (P3)

○ Television Registration & Identification Technology (R30)

○ Television Systems Technology (S22)

○ Television Recording & Reproduction Technology (V16)

○ Television Wrapper & Metadata Technology (W25)


☐ 발표 규격 현황(2007년 3월 현재) – 총 531개 규격 발표


1. Standards(표준규격) : 302개

2. Recommended Practices(권장규격) : 181개

3. Engineering Guidelines(기술가이드라인) : 40개

4. Registered Disclosure Documents(공인된 문서) : 8개







☐ Digital Cinema (DC28) 문서(13개)


구 분 내        용 번 호
  Distribution Master D-Cinema Distribution Master – Image Characteristics 428.1M
D-Cinema Distribution Master – Audio characteristics 428.2M
D-Cinema Distribution Master – Audio characteristics- Channel Mapping and Channel Labelling 428.3M
 Packaging D-Cinema Packaging – Sound and Picture Track File 429.3M
D-Cinema Packaging – MXF JPEG 2000 Application 429.4M
D-Cinema Packaging – MXF Track File Essence Encryption 429.6M
D-Cinema Packaging – Composition Playlist 429.7M
 Operations D-Cinema Operations – Key Delivery Message 430.1M
D-Cinema Operations – Digital Certificate 430.2M
D-Cinema Operations – Generic Extra-Theatre Message Format 430.3M
Projector D-Cinema Quality – Screen Luminance Level, Chromaticity and Uniformity 431-1M
D-Cinema – Reference Projector and Envirnmont for Display of DCDM in Review Rooms and Theaters RP431-2
Source Processing Digital Source Processing – D-Cinema Low Frequency Effects(LFE) Channel Audio Characteristics EG432-2