Access Integrated Technologies, transport and back office systems for digital cinema.

Avica Inc., makers of digital cinema servers and theatre management systems.

Barco, manufacturer of DLP Cinema and HD video projectors.

Christie Digital Systems, manufacturer of DLP Cinema and HD video projectors.

Cinea, digital security for digital cinema.

Digital Cinema Magazine, a publication focusing on the transition to digital cinema from content creation to exhibition.

Digital Projection, manufacturer of DLP Cinema and HD video projectors.

Dolby Laboratories, manufacturer of digital cinema servers and cinema audio processors.

Doremi Labs, manufacturer of MPEG2 and MJPEG2000 digital cinema servers and MPEG2 and MJPEG2000 mastering encoder systems.

DTS, manufacturer of electronic cinema players and cinema audio processors.

DVS GmbH Digitale Videosysteme / DVS Digital Video Systems, manufacturer of disk and RAM recorders for SDTV and HDTV.

GDC Technology Limited, manufacturer of digital cinema servers.

Entertainment Technology Center (ETC), a consortium for entertainment technologies.

EVS Digital Cinema, manufacturer of the CineStore d-cinema server.

In Focus (NATO), publication of the National Association of Theatre Owners.

JVC, makers of ILA display technology.

Karagosian MacCalla Partners, business and technology consultants in digital cinema.

Kodak Digital Cinema, makers of digital advertising systems.

Motion Picture Association (MPA)

National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO)

Octalis, manufacturer of conditional access systems for digital cinema.

Principia LightWorks Inc., developers of projection technology for digital cinema.

Quantum Digital, content and system provider for digital cinema.

QuVIS, Inc., makers of the Qubit digital disk recorder and playback unit.

Screen Digest, a prominent research provider and a publisher of a monthly newsletter summarizing the industry.

Silicon Light Machines, makers of digital projection technology.

Sony, makers of digital projectors and digital sound systems.

Technicolor Digital Cinema, provider of digital cinema systems and services.

Texas Instruments, the technology behind the DLP Cinema projector.