Audio Post Production for Television and Film, Third Edition: An introduction to technology and tech

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“Any reader engaged in this field will want to possess their own copy. It makes riveting reading with many excellent illustrations helping the understanding.”
Image Technology”It’s a book which will have something for everyone – even the most experienced technician. But its real value lies in its comprehensive overview of the art of producing sound for vision – a must for the student.”
Playback JournalBook Description
Previously titled Audio Post-production in Video and Film, this third edition has been completely revised and restructured to provide a step-by-step guide to the professional techniques used to shape a soundtrack through the production process. Covering sound for both film and television, this edition includes many of the practical techniques and shortcuts used by experienced editors and mixers.

Part one explains the basics of audio post production how audio is recorded, how sound and picture stay in sync, how audio can be exported from system to system, and how film and video technology works. Part two follows the path of production sound from its original recording right through to the final mix, and includes sections on editing sound with picture, dialogue, sound effects and music editing, how to run ADR and Foley record sessions, and mixing, using many practical examples.

Audio Post Production for Television and Film is aimed at professionals already working in the industry, newcomers, students and those considering sound for film and television as a career in fact anyone who wants an insight into current professional practices and a comprehensive overview of the sound post production process.

* Reflects current working practice and covers the latest topical issues
* Extensively reorganized for maximum ease of use
* Illustrated throughout and features helpful workflow diagrams

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First Sentence:
The term audio post production refers to that part of the production process which deals with the tracklaying, mixing and mastering of a soundtrack. Read the first page

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